Thinking of Joining?

Do I need to be an amazing swimmer to join?

Absolutely not. For regular sessions your child should be able to swim a length or two – we normally say that we’re ideal for people who have already had lessons and and want to get better or  faster. But on Wednesdays we have learn-to-swim sessions in the small pool at Forest School. This runs alongside our regular sessions in the big pool, so if you have a little ‘un from about three and a half years old you can bring them along.  Apart from that session,

If you have a child who can swim a of length or two bring them along a tryout session on Tuesdays, you can pay a £5 tryout fee, that is refundable if they decide to become a member. A maximum of three trial sessions can be taken.

What age range do you take?

Most kids are to transition from the small pool to training when  they are about 7 or 8, but if you have a prodigy on your hands, bring them along!

On Tuesday we have a Masters session for swimmers over 18.  Our oldest swimmers are in their 50s.

When should I come along?

If you’re an old fogey (18+) come along to the Tuesday Masters’ session.

If you’re thinking about swimming for a child, Fridays are  the best time to come – that’s our big club night with swimmers of all abilities and there will always be someone on the desk who can answer your questions and sign you up for a trial session.

Can I just pop in every now and then?

When you first start, you get three trial sessions to see if you like the club. These cost £5 each.

But after that, if you decide to become a full member then you sign up for the coming year, which is paid for in quarterly chunks – or by monthly electronic payment. In summary, you don’t have to come every week, but you do have to pay for every week you pay even if you don’t attend

Even if I’m away on holiday?

Sorry – we reckon we are the cheapest swimming club in London – and the the only reason we can keep the club prices so low is that we spread our costs across the year. We’ll be hiring the pool throughout, so even if you’re not here for you have to pay for all the quarters.

How much does it cost?

Following the trial, if you wish to join the Club, there are two amounts payable:

  1. Club Memebership. £40 payable on joining then annually every January.  This fee includes the cost of your individual membership to Swim England (which is necessary for both insurance purposes and eligibility to swim in gala competitions).  A reduced membership fee is payable for any additional family members who join.
  2. Swimming fees payable by monthly Standing Order payable on the 1st of every month. Effective 1st January 2018 swimming fees are:
Swims per week Monthly Standing Order fee
One swim £17.00
Two swims £21.00
Three swims £24.00

Monthly payments are by standing order  – find out about this here

When and where you swim will be determined by the coaches who will decide which session best suits you based on your age and ability.  You may be allocated a session on a different day to your trial and that the session most suitable for you may change over your time with the Club.  You will be advised of this by the coaches.  If you wish to swim more than one session per week, the coaches will advise which session(s) will be most appropriate for you.


We really hope you enjoy swimming with us and decide to join.  If you decide not to join us we would be grateful if you could let us know and if possible the reasons why not.